Yukiko's Floral Design Studio
Heaven Meets Earth:   in two
containers, magnolia ikebana
Yukiko's Floral Design Studio
46 Berens Drive, Kentfield CA 94904
(415) 456-6763
www.Neibert.com,   Marinflorist.com
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Yukiko's Floral Design Studio (415) 456-6763   Kentfield CA 94904
Ikebana Flower Arrangements -- Some with Phalaenopsis, Some without
    いけばな ギャラリ-- Art of Ikebana
    門松 -- Kadomatsu
Bamboo ikebana traditional design
Equisitum tied with branches, seasonal flowers
anthurium orchid white ikebana
Bamboo Ikebana, ficus,  
seasonal flowers and foliage,
Guide to Yukiko's Floral Designs
Triangle container avaialable in white
Ikebana with branches  $105
Ikebana in purple , branches,
triangular base
Three Sisters Ikebana $89 each
Three sisters ikebana flower arrangement A.
three sisters Ikebana C
Three Sisters ikebana flower arrangement B.

All photos in this gallery
show ikebanas' front sides --
from the point of view of the
Guest of Honor

Consequence of this cultural
practice is that one side of
the flower arrangement is
View from the rear is
neglected because no one
should be looking from there.

North American audiences
expect to be able to see a
bouquet from the individual's
point of view on all sides
So, my studio's actual flower
arrangements are viewable
from all sides.

White & Green Ikebana
anthurium orchid $145.00
Branch Ikebana in blue white green
Kadomatsu traditional Japanese New Year
pincushion ikebana with succulents equisitum
Pincushion Ikebana, rising with
equisitum from succulent species at
base, $165.00
Apple blossom Ikebana
Apple Blossom Ikebana $255.00
Bamboo Elegance --
Simplicity $175.00
ikebana in 2 containers magnolia
Orchids Ikebana  $150.00
Birds of paradise,  anthurium ikebana
Maori Warrior Ikebana ,
anthurium, birds of paradise,
selected leaves,   $105.00
Orchid Basket Ikebana
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