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    Love You Madly!
Love You Madly!  roses,
orchids, ti leaves, curly willow
in romantic  arrangement   
Rose Bouquet, curly willow
Celebration!  $2 75 .00
ranunculus celebration, large bouquet
Ranunculus Celebration $225.00
Celebration of red roses
and Cala Lillies:   $1
6 5.00
Guide to Yukiko's Floral Designs:
ranunculus bouquet
Ranunculus Elegant Bouquet:
ranunculus asiaticus, akenes -- $235
Table Center for Christmas Celebration
with Peonies
Horsetails Ikebana with Anthurium
and Proteus $145.00
flat pussy willow succulent
Flat Pussy Willow with Pin
and Succulent --
something different.
Artistry comes first -- I blend Ikebana with Contemporary Floral Design Styles
Blush Italian Ranunculus Elegance
thanksgiving celebration
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