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Sympathy Flower Arrangement s
Grace in Original Floral Designs -- for funerals and services in Marin
My Rising Orchid
Arrangement of flowers is a
spiritual ascent, focused on
the rising orchid.  
    This image of sympathy
    and condolence reflects the
    special quality of blending
    ikebana and contemporary
    floral styles to express your
    unique sentiment.  
Selecting seasonal flowers and
foliage places the Rising
Orchid arrangement in time.
Funeral Flowers by Yukiko
Memorial Bouquet -
peonies, hydrangea, phalaenopsis,
, tall and fulsome. $450
(allow 2-3 days' notice)
Maori Warrior Ikebana $175
pincushions, harakeke,
Orchid Basket for
:  $ 175
White roses and lilies with
climbing ivy design
the memorial.
Sympathy  with cymbidium orchids,
harakeke, hydrangea, leucadendron and lilies.
Forsythia, leucadendron, $95
We design and deliver
Sympathy arrangements to
funerals and services in
County churches and
temples, including  --
  • Forever Fernwood
    Funeral Home and
    Cemetary i n Mill Valley,
  • Keaton's Mortuaries in
    San Rafael and Novato ,
  • Monte's Chapel of the
    Hills in San Anselmo , and
    San Rafael.
White Lisianthus and Larkspur. classic
floral design tones green and white.

Ikebana for Sympathy
by Yukiko -
Oriental lilies; ivy,
Lisianthus, harakeke seasonal
flowers,arranged in rustic holder
or basket  
Flowers impart profound feelings. One
client writes:   
    "Thank you very much.  My aunt got
    the flowers deal to her and to me that
    she received the beautiful bouquet.  
    Thank you again," G. F., Seattle,

Order original funeral flower
arrangements by Yukiko for
timely delivery to ceremonies
anywhere in Marin County
Rising Orchid Arrangement
floral design of respectful
condolence and sympathy .  
Original Casket Sprays by Yukiko
Memorial flower arrangement
by Yukiko ~ branches,
equisitum, ivy; 40" tall in basket
~ life affirming , appropriate for
church setting.   
Memorial Bouquet with
, lisianthus and
Queen Anne's lace, wrapped with
ti leaves and curly willow  
Funeral Wreaths
delivered and installed
P ricing of original funeral
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