Survivor on Telegraph Avenue WIP1601b

Survivor Telegraph Ave Oakland
Survivor on Telegraph Avenue in Oakland holds Fugitive mask with interior consciousness, while swallowing head — Survivor’s tentative selection for the day.

Wood sculpture (48 lbs, 50″ tall), oil stain, flame, acrylic, pastel), digital combine.

Detail of Masks are here

Ransom Virus Alert

If you haven’t been hit by computer virus recently, please know that some new ones are making the rounds now. Apparently they gain entry to your system by posing as messages or software updates from Adobe and/or Apple.

The effect is to shut down your internet access and slow everything down.
Some include Ransom provision i.e. if you want to see your digital information again (including picture files), you must pay money.

Watch out.

Woman I and Woman 1.3D WIP

Photo of MoMA’s Giclee print DeKooning’s 2D (flat flat flat – but not really) painting named Woman I (52nd version on its original canvas).
Alongside is my 3D sculpture WIP, at about the same scale as the original painting, color matching to those in MoMA’s Giclee print.

Woman I print and sculpture WIP

3/4 view of the sculpture.
Woman I 3D Three-quarter view (WIP)

Back view (first ever 3D version – even Willem deKooning hasn’t seen this).
Woman I 3D verso (WIP)


Christo-Wrapped — Marin General Hospital 2016

Marin County sculpture done neatly in two views.Honestly, it was not the real Christo who did this — it’s actually native genius in anonymous architecture.

Christo was here — Marin General Hospital

Very neatly tucked-in — Marin General Hospital

Face-blind sculpture was the beginning, not the end.
And that’s the truth.

Sculptures Climb Mountain

Silhouette of natural stone formations climbing mountain slope recalls Barrier Canyon Style of ancient pictographs.

Natural stone formation (viewed from Colorado River bank) reflects 5500 year old Barrier Canyon style of stone pictographs in US Southwest. Henry Mountains often snow-capped in August.

The Holy Ghost Group is the seminal work of the Barrier Canyon style of rock art.  It is in the Great Gallery of Horseshoe canyon about 100 miles north of the photographer’s site on the Colorado river bank.

Anasazi and other archaic native Americans travelling along the river 5,500 years ago probably saw the natural stone silhouette as it appears in this contemporary photograph. The Holy Ghost’s painted pictograph, the work of archaic native Americans 5500 years ago, resembles this formation.

Post below shows my photographs of Barrier Canyon Style rock paintings.

Guardian ~ Sego Pictographs in the Barrier Canyon Style

The Sego Canyon rock paintings are new, perhaps painted only seven hundred years ago.

I’ve photographed them several times in morning and evening light.   This image is my favorite:

Guardian: Sego Canyon, photo by Peter Neibert

Under a clear Utah sky the noontime sun is so strong it washes out all the color ~  sometimes you can’t see anything in the stone at all.

Other times I get enough of the right light and shadow to pull out shape and color.  Red, yellow ochre and black.

These Sego Canyon  figures seem familiar.

Their style and shape recall the 5,500 year old Barrier Canyon paintings — just a hundred miles distant.  We don’t know who were the ancient Barrier Canyon peoples who created them.  Each new discoverer saw something different and profound in the oldest images.

Holy Ghost Group, Great Gallery, Barrier Canyon (Horseshoe Canyon) photo by Peter Neibert
Holy Ghost Central Group detail, photo and PS by Peter Neibert

What Does a Music Album Cover cover?

Album covers seek to convey the mystery and ambiance of the music.  Here, the cables of the Golden Gate Bridge in fog reflect Karen Gottlieb’s harp performance — music of San Francisco Bay Area composers.

Bay Area Harp Music by Karen Gottlieb, original photo by Peter Neibert

Listen to sample on SoundCloud:

Harp music album is here:

And the album cover booklet (6 pages) is here:   927_itunes_booklet_harp   The cables in fog backlight each page of the booklet.

Golden Gate Bridge in Fog, original photo by Peter Neibert

Golden Gate Bridge in Fog, original photograph by Peter Neibert.  Digital editing by Philip Blackburn.

Cervantes is Dead?

Investigators said on Tuesday that some of the remains of Cervantes are believed to be among the samples. Credit Madrid Regional Government

Why wasn’t I told ?

I thought he was looking so good as Peter O’toole.

don quixote on rocinante: sculpture-in redwood fence post by Peter
Don Quixote as Peter O’toole, wood sculpture by Peter

Survivor ~ Woodsculpture WIP

A character I saw one morning on Telegraph Avenue (Oakland, California) inspired  The Survivor .

“Survivor” & heads/faces, WIP 2014; woodsculpture, fir, 2014, by Peter Neibert

I don’t remember his face, so I am carving five interchangeable masks to fit on the torso.

His arms hold four masks as he tries on each to choose the right one to get through the morning.

I began thinking about T he Survivor torso a long time ago.

It’s carved out of a used beam I found in the back yard of Fairfax Lumber company.

I took it home in my jeep and let it dry in my garage for several months before I started work.

The picture at left shows what The Survivor #Woodsculpture looked like recently.

Here  is what the first cut looked like:

Wood Sculpture ~ Fugitive, Face & Inner Presence

The Nara fugitive’s one-eyed face looks like this now:

Nara Fugitive ~ mask, Carved Fir, Acrylic and Pastel

The back of the mask is left open – to fit the torso’s neck opening (not shown here).    But when the head is apart from the body, the empty opening in the back leaves  us feeling incomplete.  So, what to do?

Well, the hollowed-out opening in back is ideally situated to possess the fugitive’s Inner Presence.  So, as the mask rotates the Inner Presence comes into view.

Nara Fugitive Inner Presence (in mask)

The Inner Presence sculpture is carved in redwood and detachable from the Nara Fugitive’s fir mask.  So then, of course, the question becomes  what to do with the Inner Presence when it’s detached?

Nara Fugitive Inner Presence, nested in hollow back of mask.
Nara Fugitive ~ inner presence