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Ikebana Gallery
いけばな ギャラリ
ikebana with orchids equisitum quince by yukiko
Kadomatsu New Year ikebana ornamental cabbage
Large kadomatsu bouquet
symbolizes prosperity and good
health for the New Year.
magnolia-protea ikebana in 2 containers
Magnolia Leaves &
Protea Ikebana
in 2 holders, $200
bird of paradise ikebana arrangement anthurium
Maori Warrior Ikebana
with Bird of Paradise
and anthurium
.  $125
Three Sisters ikebana flower arrangement B.
three sisters Ikebana C
Three sisters ikebana flower arrangement A.
Three Sisters Ikebana
$89 each
ikebana red green
cattails lilies ikebana with lisianthus
Ikebana bouquets' quiet
and subtle drama
impress special events.

Ikebana floral themes may
also become part of your
significant rooms or offices.  
Ikebana arrangements in

weekly flower arrangement

share their distinctive
Cattails and Lilies Ikebana
with lisianthus, harakeke,
pink green ikebana lillies lisianthus
Dramatic, fulsome ikebana floral design roses orchid
magnolia branches with cymbidium ikebana yellow
bamboo ikebana with seasonal flowers purple

All photos in this
gallery show
ikebanas' front
sides -- from the
point of view of the
Guest of Honor

Consequence of this
cultural practice is that
one side of the flower
arrangement is
View from the rear is
neglected because no
one should be looking
from there.

North American
audiences usually
expect to be able to
see a bouquet from
the individual's
point of view on all
So, my studio's actual
flower arrangements
are viewable from all

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Yukiko's Floral Design Studio
46 Berens Drive
Kentfield, CA 94904
(415) 456-6763
Orchids and quince ikebana
with equisitum - by Yukiko
collection of 20
Freestyle Ikebana
by Yukiko
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