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Design the space between flowers.
Yukiko Neibert Floral Design Studio in Marin
Bouquets to Art 2008 and 2009:  
M H de Young Museum, San Francisco
Photographs of each of my prior years' submissions 2002,
2003, 2004, 2005 may be viewed at
M ore .
Yukiko Neibert Floral Design Studio
46 Berens Drive, Kentfield, California 94904
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Joshua Johnson's portrait of Letitia Grace McCurdy -- More.
Ultramarine forms in blown glass by Chihuly and floral design by Yukiko
Bouquet to the Art of Chihuly's Ultramarine Form with Orange - click here to enlarge
Yukiko's Story
At Left:  Closeup view of the bouquet shows materials used
in the floral design are hydrangea from New Zealand --
Click on image to enlarge view.
And my 2008 Bouquet to Chihuly's Stemmed Form, below --
My bouquet in the foreground below  reflects the essence of Dale Chihuly’s optically blown glass sculpture
(at left, rear) “Ultramarine Stemmed Form with Orange,” 1988.  The bouquet emulates the original art’s
combination of vibrant colors and marine shape of the blown glass sculpture.  
Floral Design: Artistry and Business
My Design Blog explores
my installation of this
bouquet to Metcalf's
Winter Festival Bouquets
to Art 2009 at the de
Young  Museum.
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Winter's Festival by Metcalf with bouquet by Yukiko
Bouquets to Willard Metcalf's Winter Festival  
and to Chihuly's Ultramarine Stemmed Form with Orange
In Metcalf's painting snow veils the green and russet colors of the landscape.  
In my bouquet the budding pussy willows emulate the blowing snow above the
white blanket of lilies,  the russets of cymbidium sprigs and the pussy willow
branches harmonize with the greens of calla lilies, kale and leaves.
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