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Five Foot Tall Floral Arrangements
Green amaranthus cascades seven feet, byYukiko.
5 foot tall bouquet Greek floral design theme piece
Your Special Event's
Visual Theme --
    Marin County and
    San Francisco
    Bay Area

My original five foot
bouquet may do double
duty as head table or
buffet centerpiece -- or it
may adorn an
embellishment such as
altar piece, pedestal or
Five footers
complement your
venue's ambiance,
ceiling height and
lighting.  This creative
weekly series has
been continuous for
many years.

Dining table centers
may double as floral
theme pieces
placed alone in the
big rooms of special
Chinese New Year's theme in bamboo and flowering quince ikebana.
Special  weekly arrangement at the Smith
Ranch buffet in San Rafael.
Five foot bouquet arrangement installed by Yukiko.
Five foot tropical bouquet atop buffet at Smith Ranch, San Rafeal.
large arrangement of lilies, delphiniums, Cecile Bruner Climbing
President's Day five foot bouquet: Red, White & Blue
Seven foot tall New Year's flower arrangement
five footer of birds of paradise and cymbidium with curly willow
Blue delphinium bouquet creates soft, gentle mood.
Special floral theme for special party.
where the artistry comes first
5 Foot Memorial Day Bouquet 2016
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5' tall floral arrangement Smith Ranch San Rafael CA by Yukiko
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